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Archive Your Photos with the New Feature Introduced To Google Photos

We all want to keep our photos safe and secure and at the same time, we also want to have its backup, isn’t it? Of course, most of us use Google Photos for keeping a back of our photos. Many new features have been introduced to this photo-saving app. Recently, Google Photos are updated to its newest version 2.15. And guess what, it will now be having an option to “Archive” your photos.

This feature should have been introduced earlier. But as it is said, “It is never too late to start a good thing.” The addition of Archive feature to the app will enable the users to pull out specific images from the image feed and add them in a distinct section within the app.

Archive Your Photos with the New Feature Introduced To Google Photos

So let’s know how we can archive the photos in the Photos app. All the user needs to do is just choose the picture you want to archive. Then hit the 3 dots option seen on the screen’s top right corner. On hitting it, the user will see the option to archive their picture. You can then find the archived images in the slide-out menu present on the screen’s left side. The company says that removing images that the user doesn’t want to see in the main photo tabs decreases the clutter. But wait, there’s a twist, the images that are been archived will still be seen in the search results and albums in spite of being archived.

The most important benefit of this new feature is that the pictures that are archived will be pulled out from the main image feed. And you even do not need to worry even if you have to hand your phone to any other person, your private photos will be saved from being exposed to them. This new feature has been already rolled out to iOS, Web version, and Android.

Recently, even Instagram was said to be validating its own Archive feature that will make it possible for users to hide to posts for time being from the public. These images can be permanently deleted as well as brought back afterward.

So, when are you starting to archive your photos?

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