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Apple Watches Series 3 to Buzz the Market with a New Display

Apple has made it to the news again by launching a new glass-film display solution for its Apple Watch Series 3. Till date there haven’t been any rumors regarding the Apple watches as in the case of the Apple iPhone 8.

Apple Watches Series 3 to Buzz the Market with a New Display

Apple plans to make its display more appealing and advantageous. The company has planned to use altogether a different display technology in the coming series. Earlier, glass on glass display panels was used in the Apple Watches but due to the yield issues, it is looking for a different solution. TPK Holding has been the company responsible since 2 years for developing the glass on glass display for Apple, but the company has planned to back off due to the issues in meeting up Apple’s standards and also yield-related issues.

Therefore, Apple has planned to get its solution of glass-film display for the Apple Watches Series 3 done by hiring the Taiwan-based company General Interface Solution or the Hong Kong-based company Biel Crystal Manufactory. Apple has planned to bring its idea of a glass-film display into being with the help of the companies General Interface Solution or Biel Crystal Manufactory. The glass-film display Apple Watches Series 3 is expected to hit the market in the second half of 2017. Additional to this, a long battery life, sleep tracking, cellular connectivity, and an always on display feature will further enhance the Apple Watch Series. But due to the new watchOS 4 software becoming outdated the Series can be expected to hit the market by fall.

Thus, we’ll keep you updated on the new Apple technology to hit the market in the coming years.


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