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Apple Unites With Malala Fund To Sanction Girls’ Education

This week Apple declared to back The Malala Fund led by Laureate Malala Yousafzai, the Nobel Peace Prize winner. The Malala Fund is aimed on supporting right of each girl, up to age 12, for safe, free, and quality education. Apple will turn out to be the first Laureate associate of the fund, allowing a noteworthy development of attempts by Malala to back education for girls and support for equal chances.

Apple Unites With Malala Fund To Sanction Girls' Education

“We think that education is a huge equalizing power, and we share commitment of Malala Fund to offer each girl a chance to go to school,” Tim Cook, the CEO, claimed to the media in an interview. Cook will also unite with the leadership council of Malala Fund. “Yousafzai is a brave equality supporter. She is one of the most inspirational celebrities of our time, and we are honored to assist her to expand the significant work she is executing to give power to girls all over the world,” Cook claimed.

With support of Apple, Malala Fund anticipates to increase the number of funds rewarded by its “Gulmakai Network” by 2 times and expand financial support programs to Latin America and India. This will be done with the main motive of expanding secondary education chances to over 100,000 girls. The “Gulmakai Network” of the fund presently backs programs in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkey, Lebanon, and Nigeria.

Apple will assist Malala Fund expand its organization by helping with curriculum, technology, and research into policy alterations required to assist girls all over the world to attend school and finish their education. “My vision is for each girl to select her own future,” claimed Yousafzai to the media in an interview. “I am thankful that Apple is aware of the value of speeding on girls and is uniting with Malala Fund in the battle to guarantee all girls can lead and learn without fear,” she claimed.

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