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Android Might Soon Display the Battery Status of Your Wireless Headphones

Google will soon make it simpler to ensure the level of battery for Bluetooth gadgets that are linked to your Android handset. Reports recommend that Android Open Source Project has upgraded to support for retrieving information of battery level for a remote gadget.

When this modification finally makes its path to Android, it will permit smartphones operating on the OS to show the levels of battery of any accessory such as speakers or headphones that are linked to the device through Bluetooth.

On the other hand, these gadgets will have to be kept ready beforehand to share their battery data. It is being claimed primarily due to the above fact that the feature will not work with most of the devices at the beginning.

Android Might Soon Display the Battery Status of Your Wireless Headphones

Nevertheless, during a media Q&A last month, a member of engineering team of Android O had recommended that it is in progress. He claimed, “We are seeing at this and are pleased to report that most of our hardware manufacturing associates already back this.”

In addition to this, as per Google, your smartphones will now last longer than usual after you update your OS with the new Android O. The company claims that the new Android O operating system will be able to reduce the background process and thus boost the life of the battery. This ought to avoid processes such as location queries, data transmission, and background services from consuming up the battery. Apple has been utilizing a parallel feature in its iOS lately.

Notifications of the app will get refurbished as well. In the near period, they will be bunched into notification channels that can be toggled off and on separately. This ought to allow users to customize their notifications of app more proficiently while dealing with the mess. Android O also offers a feature that auto-completes form fields similar to the ones you use in your browser. This may be helpful for booking forms and for passwords, where consumers are requested to enter the similar information.

The extended function of picture-in-picture may come handy for bigger screens. Here, you can view movies by exhibiting various windows of app, while looking up something or chatting with someone in different window.

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