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Andhra University to turn into a digital university

The government plans to help the various states in India digitize in the coming years. Hyderabad is one city that is currently turning into a digital city. For now, the city has already set up around 1000 hotspots for transforming it into “Hyderabad City Wi-Fi.” After the Wi-Fi, now the Telangana Government wants its university to go digital.

Along with the government, the well-known company Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has planned to help transform Andhra University School of Distance Education into a digital university. The need for digitizing is very important so as to make the processing of the universities easier and quicker.

The global IT service has decided on providing software and programs to the University for an easy operation. The firm will make it possible for a large number of students access the websites so as to make the admission and various course hunt provided by the University easier. TCS has signed an agreement with the Andhra Government so as to avoid any issues in the long run.

The company plans to provide a TCS iON platform to the University so as to perform all the operations online rather than manually. The student’s admission, fee payment, course hunt, examination form filling, and other regular administrative services will be made easily accessible to the students without any hassle. With just a click, the students can have their hall tickets in hand, admission in the college, or get their fee paid. The best is that the students can get their results online as well, which kind of reduces their laborsome task of waiting in the line to collect it.

The use of the TCS iON platform in the Andhra University is basically to encourage the students to learn, make teaching easier, and also include extracurricular activities in the course so as to make their education a whole new experience for them. The use of the platform for providing a solution for every query of the student will enable digitizing the University in a very short span.

TCS’s support is of great help for the Andhra University as it helps the city take part in the Digital India movement. Though it has been included in the distance education field, the University officials have plans of extending it to the normal education system in the coming months. The TCS iON platform helps ease the various operation of the college and carry out all its services without any paucity.

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