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Analysts Study on the Upcoming Cybersecurity Earnings

The increasing demand for cybersecurity solutions worldwide remains buoyant even though the growth has slowed drastically for the major companies after the heyday for the cybersecurity industries. The cybersecurity companies in 2017 will transit from huge system sales to only meet the demands of the Internet of Things and cloud revolution, which will build a high competition in the global market.

Upcoming Cyber Security Earnings

The analysts suggested that even though the cybersecurity growth has lowered, the rising demand has been reset to match the growth in the coming years for cybersecurity industry & Technology Trends.

According to an analyst William Blair, the cybersecurity companies slowed down in the past years and to be optimistic, the companies have reset the growth expectations to feasible level.

The key cybersecurity companies include Palo Alto Networks Inc., Check Point Software Technologies and CyberArk Software Ltd.

Morgan Stanley’s Melissa Gorham says, “Though the market shows low sentiment, slow growth and market rotation, 2017 seems to have been reset the expectations in contrast to the stable demand environment, easy comps and valuations.”  The companies Symantec Corp., Palo Alto, Proofpoint Inc. and Fortinet Inc. have their shares brought by Morgan Stanley.

According to the analysts, the Israel-based Check Point Software Technologies will report its fiscal 2016 earnings for the fourth quarter on January 19, followed by Proofpoint Inc. on January 26 and the cybersecurity leader Symantec Corp. on February 1. The other companies such as Fortinet and FireEye Inc.—email security specialist—will report its earning on February 2 followed by CyberArk on February 9. The pioneer of the cyber world Palo Alto will report its second-quarter earnings of fiscal 2017 on February 28.

Hence according to the analysts, cybersecurity is about to rule the world in coming years. What do you think?

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