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Amazon Alexa to Provide 2-Hour Free Deliveries

Amazon’s “Alexa” app is voice-powered digital assistant with the help of which the customers can order 2-Hour free deliveries through the Prime Now app. The Prime Now app is a delivery site of the giant e-commerce Amazon.

Amazon Alexa to Provide 2-Hour Free Deliveries

Currently, the free delivery service is available only in some regions including Washington, Seattle, Columbus, Cincinnati, and Ohio. This 2-Hour free delivery service can be used to purchase alcohol of one’s choice in Ohio. However, this service has not yet been made public everywhere. Amazon’s new fast delivery service Prime Now is an answer to the other delivery sites such as Seamless and Postmates. Not all but only certain basic electronics or everyday items are available for purchase through the free delivery service. And the service is available only in the major cities and it does not provide service for 24-Hour.

According to Amazon, you can command Alexa to order the product you require from the Prime Now app of Amazon. The Prime Now app will function only when it is connected to Alexa-enabled Amazon hardware like Fire tablet, Echo speakers, and Fire TV media streamers. However, the newly updated version of the Amazon app for the iOS will render non-functional for the Prime Now.

The main reason for Amazon to introduce this fast delivery service is to propel its online retail business. The rise in the online business and the success rate of the artificial intelligence-based app help Amazon become a tough competitor for Google, Microsoft, Samsung, and Apple. Amazon plans to make Alexa one of the best well-known computer interfaces all around the globe. Looking at this, Google has come up with its Echo competitor to help boost the online shopping capabilities. Hence, Amazon and Google tend to become tough competitors in the coming years.

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