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Alpina’s New Sporty and Stylish Smartwatch Launched at Baselworld 2017

Watches are the new trend in public. Who wouldn’t love having a smartwatch on their wrist? But when you think about it, the first thing that comes to your mind is its price tag. Isn’t it? Nothing to worry as the watchmakers are getting a watch new stylish watch for the ladies this season. Looking at the sudden turn taken by the watchmakers towards smart technology isn’t that surprising. Nowadays, there is technology being used even in the minutest of the things all around the world. After all the watchmakers, now it’s Alphina that has come up with a smart, sporty, and stylish watch model for the ladies.

Alpina’s New Sporty and Stylish Smartwatch Launched at Baselworld 2017

Aplina’s new watch has a diamond index which is optional on the refined side. The watch is not only water resistant but also robust. It also has smart features just like the other smartwatches in the market. Keeping women in the mind Alpina has created the watch called “Comtesse Horological Smartwatch.” The new watch is the first of its kind of the Comtesse version. The smartwatch is a collaboration of the MMT, a Swiss brand, and Aphina itself. Though the watch has become stylish and sporty it still maintains its elegance till date. Alphina watches powered by the automatic movements have just added some new smart features to its new watch model almost after a century.

Smart chic’s features:

  • The “Comtesse Horological Smartwatch” has a delicate design and features which cannot be pared down that is almost similar to the Swiss watch.
  • Stainless steel case back which assures water resistance.
  • Light body weight
  • Shock absorbent body.
  • A 36mm fiberglass body and lugs
  • Applied luminous index or diamond index for the refined sides
  • Smart features such as receiving call notifications and emails notifications through the MMT-365-smartphone app
  • Features such tracking steps, monitoring sleep (light or deep sleep, duration phase) distance covered, and calories.
  • Smartphone connection lets change time and date on an automatic basis whenever the user changes the time zone.
  • Miscellaneous smart functions include dynamic coaching, sleep cycle alarm, and get-active alerts.

Right now, this smartwatch dial is available in colors such as black, white, and mother of pearl.

Thus, the smartwatch doesn’t just show time but has some features too. To get a sneak peek of the smartwatch get going to the Baselworld 2017, Switzerland.

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