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Alibaba Starts AI Research Hub In Singapore

Alibaba, the Chinese e-commerce behemoth, this week started an AI (artificial intelligence) research organization in Singapore in association with a domestic university, as the war to expand AI tech starts to gain some heat. The organization, a joint venture with NTU (Nanyang Technological University), is first joint research hub of Alibaba out of mainland China. It plans to expand progressive AI techs in regions such as urban transport and elderly care.

Alibaba Starts AI Research Hub In Singapore

The organization will carry out study on AI technologies for the first 5 Years, beginning with a group of 50 scientists from both organizations, as per a joint statement to the media in an interview. Jeff Zhang, the chief technology officer at Alibaba, claimed that the Singapore association was fraction of R&D attempts by DAMO Academy of Alibaba, which was rolled out in 2017.

The aim of the organization will be on techs to assist in taking care for the aged people, comprising developing robot assistants to remain at home with them and sensors to assist detect issues. “Employing AI techs, we can deal with basic societal hurdles such as an elderly population,” claimed Subra Suresh, president of NTU, to the media in an interview.

Being a city-state of 5.6 Million individuals, Singapore has a quickly ageing population that is posing issues such as shortages of labor. There is powerful rivalry among top firms in the region of artificial intelligence, with Microsoft, Google, and Amazon jumbling to design new technologies and software.

On a similar note, senior executives of the Alibaba group have entered the board of Paytm Mall, as per reports from the sources from Registrar of Companies. The senior executives comprise Joseph Tsai, the vice-chairman of the online behemoth; director and president of the company, J Michael Evans; and director and CEO of the company, Daniel Zhang, as per the sources.

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