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Alexa speakers have a screen now

Alexa, a voice-based digital assistant device, is the new craze among the people. Alexa’s developer Amazon has given its Alexa speakers another amazing feature recently in order to woo its customers. The company has unveiled its latest model of Alexa digital assistant this year. The new device called “Echo Show” is helping Amazon to be a part of the connected home gadgets. The new Alexa speaker with a touchscreen opens a new gate for the computing devices in the market.

The new model is designed in such a way that it has a seven-inch touchscreen along with all the other common Echo features. There is also an option of viewing the YouTube videos or flash briefings on the screen without any interruption. In addition to this, Echo Show has ‘see music lyrics’, photos, weather forecasts, smart home cameras, shopping list, to-do list, and more options available too.

Amazon provides all its Alexa users an extra bonanza of calling as well as messaging each other. The company has been ruling the digital assistant technology market since the launch of its Alexa Echo model, which helps the user access control over the connected home appliances, make voice commands, as well as order goods or rides.

According to a survey conducted by the eMarketer, a research firm, the Echo speakers hold 70.6% compared to the 23.8% of Google Home and 5.6% of other companies such as Mattel, LG, and Harmon Kardon in the U.S. Nowadays, there are millions of people across the globe who are interested in purchasing the voice-activated assistant device for making their living easy.

Samsung, another company stirring the global market, has declared that its subsidiary Harmon Kardon is on the verge of releasing a new technology called “Invoke speaker,” which will be powered using Cortana, a Microsoft digital assistant. The device will help the users make calls using the integrated Skype feature.

The voice-based digital assistant gadget is now a hit in the market due to its amazing extra added features. So guys, get ready to shell out some penny for this worthy, trendy, and hi-tech device, may be sooner rather than later.

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