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Air pollution turned into printable ink using just a device

Air pollution is a major concern in India. Researchers are making an effort to overcome this issue since long. Spinoff company “MIT” in India is trying to find a novel solution to the air pollution problems in the Asia regions.


According to Graviky Labs, the device is designed using mechanical actuators, electronic sensors, and a collection system which is retrofitted onto an exhaust pipe using triangulated clamp set or screw. The device is named “Kaalink” and it captures the unburned carbon let off by the combustion engine. The technical details are still a secret as per the officials. It can capture about 93% of the carbon and takes about 45 minutes to produce an ounce of ink. The device has to be installed by the drivers and cleared by taking it to the Graviky Labs two weeks later.

“How is the ink produced later?” is the question. But the company prefers keeping this secret under the wraps. The ink can be sold at the industrial as well as consumer levels.

Speaking of the Air-Ink system, the device is currently being used in Bengaluru and the company is planning to expand this technology by installing process facilities in more areas. The Kickstarter campaign launch and the collaboration with Tiger Beer help in receiving funding for the technological development and also created awareness by making the fine art painters or street artists use the Air-Ink pens, spray paints, and markers.

For now, Kaalink device is still going through tests and certification processes for its intended use in chimneys, cars, smokestacks, and industrial exhausts and help the various organizations, individuals, and governments to capture the pollutant and recycle it.

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