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50 Years Of Legacy In Children Programming Language In Google Doodle

Google picked the most special day to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of kids programming language. The glorious 50 years of Google Doddle marks the kids educating to code with its unique doodle, i.e., coding for carrots in the Computer Science Education week.

50 Years Of Legacy In Children Programming Language In Google Doodle

The innovative doodle helps children learn code with their favorite rabbit character. The program is fun and interesting where the furry friend helps the users program for six levels through an expedition of collecting its staple food, i.e. carrot by retorting the coding slabs that is present on the scratch programming language. Google Blockly, researchers from MIT scratch and Google Doodle, the contribution of three teams working together made this state-of-the-art coding language for kids. The idea of using rabbit and carrots made the guessing quotient easy while creating action for using a code and filing the empty blocks and complete it.

This coding doodle ever by Google made it simpler and easier for adults as well as children to understand and create a strong foundation for their near future in programming languages. In the 60s when programming done by children on computers was hardly impossible and unbelievable, Logo, the first designer for coding language, designed for children created some exciting stuff, where the tiny turtle in green moved around and drew abstract lines on the black screen. The idea was to make children explore science and math in a creative way. MIT researchers and Papert, the designers of Logo, aimed of making computer as a powerful medium for children to learn coding. They envisioned it as a sheer development of confidence and flexibility in using the upgraded, powerful and technologically advanced computers.

On the occasion, the communication director of Scratch team mentions that computers are widely accepted and useful in our lives. With the programming language, millions of people across the globe will get a first-hand experience in coding. This coding experience after years of research will be inspiring, appealing, engaging, encouraging yet influencing kids to learn with fun. Many years ago, after the first coding language Logo, this might turn successful due to its different engaging approach.


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